Parent/Family Christmas Gift Ideas (Online)

As Darryl and I get older, buying gifts for our parents gets increasingly harder. It’s gone from, “they have everything,” to “okay, they literally have everything.” Not only that, but you want to give practical, useful gifts. Something that you know they will use and not place in the back of the closet and forget about until they spring clean.

One thing that has helped, however,  is giving couple gifts, especially since both of our parents are divorced and reinvolved. To me, doing it this way not only keeps me from pulling my hair out, it also gently reinforces the love and acceptance we have for our parents and their new partners.

Below are items we purchased for our parents. I hope my list will at least spark some ideas for you!

  1.  Wireless smartphone charger -- $22 -- For both the Apple and Android users in your life, this wireless charger will definitely come in handy. Gone are the days of bending down and searching for the charging cord that has fallen behind the nightstand. Now they can easily and simply place the phone on the platform with ease. And the best part? Two will still be under $50. You’re welcome.

  2. Smartphone Picture Printer -- $31 -- Another great buy that covers both Apple and Android users is this picture printer. This gift is perfect for the parent that is always asking (or maybe it’s just me) to get their photos printed out for them so they can put them up. Of note, you will have to also purchase the film. But depending on the film package you purchase, the gift can still come in around $50 as well!

  3. Cityscape Bourbon Glasses -- $16 -- Cheers to the party house who is also always repping their city. These lovely bourbon glasses are perfect for your spirit connoisseurs who also constantly rock specific geographical gear. During house engagements, they can show off both their city and their bourbon collection for everyone to envy.

  4. Skyline Wood Wall Decor -- $64 -- Here is another item for the parent who loves their city. Wood wall decor is great too because it will honestly look wonderful no matter where they hang it! Just keep in mind that you may have to give them some ideas on where to place it (or what to remove in order to hang it).

Bonus Gifts:

  • Electric Air Fryer -- $50 -- It’s on trend. It assists in healthy eating. And they probably don’t have it yet. Now just decide which color you’re going to choose for them!

  • Color Changing Bluetooth Speaker -- $40 -- Listen, Alexa, Echo, Google Home, etc. etc. can be a bit too complicated for some who just want to listen to music. This cute, glowing speaker is perfect for any and all occasions (and people)!

  • DIY Lip Balm Kit -- $45 -- For the young, pre-teen, budding entrepreneur, this DIY lip balm kit will kickstart their interest in business, product design, marketing -- basically anything other than an obsession with IG and Snapchat (hopefully). Next thing you know, you’ll be buying them a planner and a journal!   

I hope my above list helps. Happy shopping!

Until next time,