Don't Stress Over 2019 Goals


Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Reflecting on the past year and creating resolutions for the new year is nothing new and, somehow, a natural part of the transition into January. Whether we want to participate or not, we can’t help ourselves from looking at the year with a critical eye and making proclamations for the next.

Add the constant bombardment of watching the 2018 highlight reels and 2019 goals of those around you (especially social media), and you can be left feeling anxious and deflated.

Don’t be.

Start 2019 by thanking yourself for the accomplishments you’ve achieved, the relationships you’ve nurtured (including with yourself), the obstacles (no matter how small) you’ve overcome and the progress you’ve made in your journey.

This is your reminder to turn off all the noise around you and focus on this closing chapter of your life. What have you learned? How have you grown? What did you get right and how will you continue that win in 2019? Once you’ve successfully focused on you and only you, don’t set resolutions unless you really want to. Simply recognize your growth and how badass you are and take it into 2019.

I know you’re thinking I’m crazy for saying don’t set resolutions but don’t we have enough goals/tasks to complete? If your dream is to open a boutique and you’re determined to make it happen, why place the added pressure on yourself to open it within a year? Why not recognize your dream and work towards, at your own pace, bringing that dream to life? Or, why place pressure on yourself to have a child in 2019 when God’s will is that your family will start in 2020?

As you already know I’m big on mental health and self-care, and I truly believe we are our own worst enemy. Declaring resolutions isn’t harmful, but placing intense “the world will stop if it doesn’t get done” pressure on yourself is not positive or productive. If anything, it borders toxic and positions you for disappointment and regret when this process starts again late December of 2019.  

If anything, simply set goals for life without the restricts of 12 months. Know what you want to achieve and create flexible, action timelines that span years. And most of all, remember that yes, we are in control of our lives but there are also events, achievements that will not happen until it’s our time -- and that’s okay.

Much love. Take care.