The Narnia of Breweries



As we begin to explore our surroundings, our one and only requirement is that it is unique to the area. We want to experience the mom and pop places, the city treasures and area staples that the locals frequent.

Our search this past weekend took us to McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse,  a place that seemed to be a small building behind a lot of trees. It is completely off the main road with a sign in front of an unassuming driveway -- that I passed twice. After circling the lot a few times, and their overflow lot, I found parking and realized that the roadhouse might be more than what it seems.

Once parked, we walking through what can only be described as the tunnel to Narnia. Once we popped out on the other side of the majestic green path, we stood in awe at what was around us. The place is huge.  A woman passing by even stopped and said “yeah, it’s hard to find your way around here.” I guess we were wearing our amazement.

After getting a bit lost, we finally found the main restaurant and got a seat outside. It’s then we learned that the place is actually made up of about 4 buildings with multiple outside areas. There were three weddings on that day, so we didn’t really get a chance to see the entire property. However, there is a brewery, distillery and winery. We also passed a cigar bar on our journey to the restaurant that could’ve been a old travelers hut. Overall, the place felt otherworldly. The beauty of it was overwhelming. I know I didn’t see everything and that bothers me. Haha!

At the main restaurant, we enjoyed beer flights and food while listening to the tunes from the wedding reception a few feet from us. We ended up leaving to get ready for the second part of the evening, but I will definitely visit  again, if even just to sit by the fire and take in the fantasy-like atmosphere they created.


Outfit time. It was 60 degrees on Saturday, which quickly dropped into the 50s, so I wore a blue button up, jeans and slides (that I regretted later in the night). Our stuff still isn’t here from Virginia, so I’m truly learning how to create different outfits with the same few items I bought in my suitcase...three weeks ago. (I cannot wait to receive the rest of our stuff!)


Next time, I’ll get a wine flight and take more pictures of the grounds. I can’t wait!

Until next time...